Cool & Funky Socks for Friends: A Memorable Gift They'll Love!

Cool & Funky Socks for Friends: A Memorable Gift They'll Love!

Tired or strolling through the shops or scrolling from page to page looking at the same old, boring gifts? Well, here are 4 faves to help you out!
At Spencer Flynn, we have artist designed collections of bright, funny, and funky socks that will make your gift one to remember.
Package them up and send out a bundle of four (they will ask for more anyway)!

Spencer Flynn – Fine Piece of Ass Socks

One for the noble steads, these socks will have you turning heads and feet, no butt! Featuring a few donkeys sporting some cheeky grins on a bright backdrop, these socks will help you get the day going so you can put it all behind you. Featuring comfort and a bit of cheek, we think these socks are pretty well-rounded.

Spencer Flynn Socks – Get Socked Hand Gestures

Not feeling the meeting? A co-worker not making your day but not wanting to speak your mind? Let your socks do the talking for you? A flash of the socks can let others know the type of mood you’re in. Crafted with care, the quality of these socks will help ensure that middle finger remains raised for years to come!

Spencer Flynn Socks – Favourite Past Time – Wine, Cheese, Grapes.

Who doesn’t love an opportunity to engage with the finer things in life? Even if you can’t be enjoying them, these socks will help remind you of what you would prefer to be doing. If you are lucky enough to get out and being pestered about your picnic plans, these socks may be all you need to offer a little subtle hint. These socks are designed to help you sit back, relax, and indulge with however it is you wish to spend your day.

Spencer Flynn Socks – Nylon Nudists – Naked Women Running.

Some socks for those who like to be a little bit more adventurous. Our ‘Nylon Nudists – Naked Running Socks’ leave little to the imagination. Add a touch of excitement and humour to any outfit, or just let the world see you are not afraid to be you. Crafted with premium materials to help ensure things remain where they need to be, you’ll be toe-ing the line by stepping out in these socks.
Our range of socks truly offer something for everyone.
While these socks are designed for those a little more daring, those testing days, or those days you just want to make the most of, we have got something for everyone. No matter the occasion, we have a sock to match. Gone are the days of the black or grey socks under pants, and here are the days where shorter pants are in and socks are on display.
Give a gift that will have your friend talking about your ‘gift’ for months to come! Give a pair of Spencer Flynn socks today. Now that is what we call, ‘Sockcess’!