Your Partner Will LOVE These 7 Cool Designer Socks!

Your Partner Will LOVE These 7 Cool Designer Socks!

  • Sick of looking at boring old sock designs on your partner's feet?
  • Looking for socks to help make your partner smile and shine?

We have the solution for you...

From sport lovers to car enthusiasts, the balding to the bold, wine lovers and designers to construction workers, Spencer Flynn’s collection of sock designs will have your bloke / man / BF / Platonic Husband stepping out in style!


1. Kama Socktra Socks

Inspired by the ancient art of lovemaking, these socks will encourage you to go places you have not dared to venture before. How much you’re willing to show off is a matter for you: wear them under your pants, or if you’re feeling a bit more edgy, wear them proudly with a pair of shorts.

2. Booby Trap Socks

Designed to knock your partner’s socks off, these socks make for a well-rounded addition to your partner’s sock collection. If you’re feeling daring, wearing an outfit that puts these socks on display will trap passers-by into having a double-take.

3. Favourite Past Time – Wine, Cheese, Grapes Socks

A pair of socks designed to be more subtle, our Favourite Past Time socks will inspire you to sock up the sunshine on the days designed to go slow. Designed for those who like to indulge in some of life’s luxuries, these socks will serve to remind you of the finer things and life’s guilty pleasures. Who knows: if you wear them enough, maybe the grapes can be turned into some extra wine.

4. Classic Cotton - Classic Cars Socks

Sundays have these socks written all over them. Feeling like a leisurely drive, our Classic Cars design will have you feeling like the car you always wanted is within reach. Featuring muscle cars to those more classical, the car enthusiast in your life will be putting their foot down into these whenever they can.

5. Midlife Crisis Socks

Life is too short to be taken seriously. Our Midlife Crisis socks serve as a friendly reminder to embrace the changes one goes through in life. Featuring receding hairlines and hair loss as well as other middle-aged woes, these socks will help ensure your partner’s feet stay warm. As for heat escaping through their heads: we can’t help you with that.

6. Fairway Feet - Golfers Socks

If nothing else, the name of the socks may give your partner some extra confidence for the next time they hit the golf course. Although they are called “Fairway Feet – Golfers Socks”, we make no guarantee that is where your partner will land. If your partner is a golf enthusiast, these socks will get them to the first tee in style, and if they are burying their feet in bunkers from there, well at least their feet will stand out and serve as a reminder as to where they ought to be.

7. Socks Under Construction - Construction Workers Socks

For the hard-working types, nail the perfect gift for your partner. These high-energy socks will match the hi-vis outfits strutted on site. Featuring the essential construction tools, add another staple to the worksite by adding these to the top drawer.

No matter your partner’s personality and style, our socks offer something for all. Add a sense of new-found style to your partner’s wardrobe and have them step out in a pair of Spencer Flynn socks.