Need Gift Ideas for a Hens night? These socks have you covered.

Need Gift Ideas for a Hens night? These socks have you covered.

Sock Addicktion

Featuring a pattern designed to stand-out, these socks offer something a bit less daring to kick the night off. These socks are perfect for helping to make a statement on the dancefloor, or to capture attention during an activity a bit more subdued. Featuring nothing but high quality materials, these socks will have you dancing through the night in style.


Get Socked

    For something a little more cheeky, our Get Socked socks may be just what you need. Featuring an expressive and humourous design, these socks will help get the laughter ignited. These socks are a playful choice to have everybody smiling and having fun.


    Nylon Nudists

      The night is all about celebrating you, and what better way to celebrate you than celebrating body positivity and empowerment. Our Nylon Nudists socks feature high quality materials to help keep the important things in place. These socks may bring a different type of nudity to your hens night: perfect for the bride-to-be who wants to stand out in a crowd.


      Tessellated Titties

        These socks are as tasteful as they are memorable. Celebrating the female body in a unique, colourful, and expressive way, attention to detail is a standout feature of these socks. These socks offer a high-quality choice to help create a memorable impression on your hen’s night, no butts!

        Namaste Nips

        For those wanting to take things a little slower when celebrating their night, the Nameste Nips socks are a perfect way to calm things down but retain a sense of fun and excitement for the night. These socks area must for those wanting to embrace health and wellness.


        Calm Your Tits

          When things are getting a little heated, our Calm Your Tits song may be just what you need to keep the night at the level you want it to be. Featuring an amusing phrase commonly used in Australia, these socks pay homage to where they were designed, as well as inject a dose of humour into the evening. Featuring the highest quality materials to promote comfort and durability, these socks will help lighten the mood to keep the festivities going long into the night.


          Hot Stuff

            For the final countdown. End the night in style with our Hot Stuff socks. Designed to be bold and daring, these socks might be just what you need to turn up the heat on the dance floor. These socks will certainly help get the temperatures rising all night long.

            All Spencer Flynn socks are designed with you in mind. Featuring quality materials and attention to detail, there is a sock for any type of night you have in mind. Whether you’re after the final addition to your outfit, a keepsake to remember the night by, or something to turn heads, there are a pair of socks for you.

            Make every hen’s night one to remember by stepping out in a pair of Spencer Flynn socks.