Top 5 Funny, Crazy, Funky, and Cool Socks for Your Cranky Guy

Top 5 Funny, Crazy, Funky, and Cool Socks for Your Cranky Guy

  • Is your partner, hubby, BF, or BFF a bit cranky?
  • Funny, crazy, funky, and cool socks can help - maybe!

3 Reasons He'll LOVE These Socks:

Speaks Without Saying A Word: These socks allow him to show off his sense of humour and personality in a subtle, comfortable way that doesn't require him to engage even ONCE.

Conversation Starters: On the rare occasions he does interact with other humans, these socks can be a great icebreaker, allowing him to share a laugh without diving too deep into his repressed feelings.


Comfort Meets Style: Each pair is a blend of comfort and quirky design, which means he doesn’t have to compromise on comfort to display his unique "style" around the house or when visiting the drive thru.

1. Get Socked - Our most loved sock design for grumpy bums!

Perfect for the man whose most commonly used phrase on the road is "Ya F*%kin' WANKA".

Why He Needs These: They're a fun nudge to embrace the various moods of life, even if it's just in his choice of socks.

2. Sock Addicktion - The socks for REAL d*%ks!

For the sock aficionado who believes one can never have too many phallic symbols on his feet.

Why He Needs These: They add a playful twist to his collection and showcase his crazy side subtly.

3. Mad Meerkats - Passive aggressive? This is PERFECTION!

These meerkat-themed socks are for the man with a cheeky sense of humor and a passive aggressive demeanor! Perfect for starting some sh*t in any regional Aussie pub!

Why He Needs These: Perfect for lounging and sharing a laugh with anyone who spots them. Or for attracting a meerkat mate.

4. Kama Socktra - Calm his soul with this SMUT!

Ideal for the guy who appreciates a bit of assinine cheekiness. And who might need a little creativity in his nighttime activites.

Why He Needs These: Great for sparking some fun and keeping the atmosphere light at home.

5. Fine Penis Art - A perfect subtle C@*K sock

For the art lover with a humorous bent. By the way, there are devices if he is indeed a little bent.

Why He Needs These: A bold mix of art with a touch of risqué humor.

Encourage your cranky boy to show off his fun side with these socks, perfect for any guy who prefers a good laugh over a night out!


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